Izhar Ul Haq

Izhar-ul-Haq was one of the first programs of its kind produced in Pakistan.  Apologists Sohail and Jerome boldly tackle the tough objections that Muslims have towards Christianity in concise 10-minute segments.  “The Bible Has Been Changed,” “ Jesus Didn’t Really Die on the Cross,”  and “Jesus Never Claimed to be God” are just a few of the dozens of issues addressed in this program.

Alexis Jerome

Jerome has served as an engineer in the Pakistan Air Force since 1983, and supports himself as a math and science tutor.  But his real passion is studying and discussing key Christian concepts with Muslims.  He is a weekly lecturer of Christian doctrine and critical studies at a Pakistani Bible college, and has also worked in linguistics and translation.

Sohail Barket

Sohail is an avid scholar and disciple of Brother Jerome.  He holds bachelor’s degrees from Karachi University (Arts), and Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, England (Theology). His life’s desire is to make Christ known to Muslims, and in addition to producing shows, he spends long hours online and in person ministering to them.