Mirat Ul Nisa

Mirat-ul-Nisa is a half-hour Zindagi TV production was added to our weekly line-up in August 2014.  Two former Muslim women address some of the unique challenges faced by Pakistani women, pointing out how women in the Bible dealt with similar issues.

Ghazala Parveen

Sister Ghazala came to Christ from a Muslim background more than 20 years ago.  With Master’s degrees in both Economics and Divinity, she serves as a pastor, missionary, and human rights activist.  Her husband is a well-known Christian apologist in Pakistan, and together they have led many Muslims to Christ.

Shahana Emmanuel

Sister Shahana was led to the Lord and discipled by Ghazala, and was baptized in 2008. Having grown up as a Muslim, she can relate well to her audience, with whom she courageously shares her new faith in a spirit of love.   She is a gospel singer and is also able to read the Quran in Arabic.