Zindagi ka Kalam

Zindagi Ka KalamHussain, a former Muslim, presents Zindagi ka Kalam, a Biblical foundations and basic discipleship topics for seekers and new believers, in a spirit of love and gentleness.  We started producing this series with him even before Zindagi TV was launched.

Hussain Andreas

Hussain was born into a Muslim family in Afghanistan.  His first encounter with the Gospel was meeting a missionary who told him of the Christian command to love one’s enemies.  The idea was abhorrent to Hussain, whose people, the Hazaras, were hated by the other tribes of Afghanistan.  Later, in Iran, he began weekly studies with an elderly Christian man until they were discovered; the older man was martyred while Hussain was tortured for three days.  Hussain fled to Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and finally India, where He gave His life to Christ.  Hussain speaks fourteen languages, and shares the gospel through television, radio, and the internet in at least four of these, including Urdu.  God is using him to bring many Muslims to Christ.